$.88 shipping at Sam's Club

$.88 shipping at Sam's Club

Great place to buy in bulk and save big.

The closest Sam's Club to my hometown is a 40 minute drive away. It isn't very practical for me to go there on a weekly basis, so I usually only make the trip once per month. Sometimes, however, I find that I ran out of something that I know I can get cheaper at Sam's Club than at my local grocery store. Fortunately, Sam's Club now has plenty of products I use on a regular basis on their website with only an $.88 shipping charge.

Sam's Club is great for buying in bulk and saving big. They run specials all the time so that you can try a membership to their warehouse for free for an entire month. You can also piggy back off of someone else by having them add a membership to their card at a discounted rate. 

Special discounted memberships are available for members of the military and college students. Regular memberships also include memberships for businesses as well, in case you need to purchase supplies in bulk. My sister used to do this when she worked at a campground. Stocked up on pantry items that she could sell in the campground store.

Here are a few examples of items that are currently available with a low $.88 shipping charge: packaging tape, Crest Complete whitening toothpaste, Gillette razors, Always Ultra Thin maxi pads, Head and Shoulders pump shampoo, Tampax tampons, Pantene Pro-V shampoo, Scope Mouthwash, Dove Nourishing Body Wash, Caress Beauty Bar and Suave Kids shampoo. Keep in mind that these products come in packs of three or more. Most of these items don't go bad for quite awhile, so it makes sense to stock up now to save money later on.