Cut down on entertainment costs

Cut down on entertainment costs

Get creative and save money.

Looking for a way to trim your budget? It is unlikely that you'll be able to trim your daily living expenses so it becomes necessary then to examine other categories within your budget. The first category that I trimmed after my ex-husband left and finances became tight was the entertainment budget. It wasn't as hard to trim this area of the budget as I thought it was going to be.

For awhile we eliminated going to the movies, which costs a minimum of $30 each movie (and that didn't include drinks or snacks). Instead, we pay $7.99 per month for a Netflix subscription that allows us to watch unlimited movies and television shows.

If Netflix doesn't have what we are looking for, we'll try the library. Libraries have a surprisingly large collection of movies and you can rent them for free. For movies that are much newer, we go to Redbox and rent them for $1 a night. Half the time we get a code to use with the Redbox machine and end up renting the movie for free.

Of course, there are other forms of entertainment than watching television. We already have a Wii so we stopped buying new games and started renting them from the library. You can purchase used games at a discount from stores like Game Stop.

Looking to get out of the house? Why not attend a high school or college football game? Take advantage of any local parades or festivals. Spend a day at the park or lounge around in the sun at the beach. We have a pretty big zoo in our town that is also totally free to visit. Always watch your local paper for coupons to local attractions. You may be able to afford them at a discounted price.

Finally, take another look at your library. In addition to books and movies, our library has a ton of free programs for county residents to take part in. My daughter has participated in an acting class, a Chopped food challenge, arts and crafts projects, and animal education sessions. Our library even has free exercise sessions.