Free Concentrate 128 cleaning solution

Free Concentrate 128 cleaning solution

Safe for sufaces not harmed by water

If you are looking for a cleaner that is Green-Seal certified, then you will want to try Concentrate 128. Concentrate 128 is biodegradable, yet powerful enough to be used throughout your home as an excellent cleaning solution.

One of the benefits of Concentrate 128 is that it saves you a boatload of money. It comes in concentrated form, so you dilute it with water at home. That means the product will go far and there will be long spurts of time in between purchases. According to their website, the cost is as little as $.05 per quart.Concentrate 128 is a hydrogen peroxide solution that also contains orange oil. You can use it to clean glass, degrease your stove, wash your carpets, deodorize your bathrooms and wash your linoleum floors. You can use this product on any surface that is not harmed by water.

Mixing Concentrate 128 is easy. If you have a 32 oz. spray bottle, you need ¼ ounce of concentrate for light house cleaning and 2 oz. for heavy house cleaning. Simply multiply these figures if you need to make a bucketful of cleaner for floors or large areas.

Head to Concentrate 128's free sample request form to try the product for free. Fill in your name, full mailing address, country, and e-mail address. Then click the yellow “Submit” button. If your submission was successful, you'll see a “Thank You” pop up. It doesn't indicate how long it will take you to receive the sample, but in my experience it is usually between 4 and 8 weeks.