Free Discover Series eBook for Kids

Free Discover Series eBook for Kids

I love home schooling and being the one to educate my children. Even if you don’t home school, however, you can still take advantage of tons of free educational resources. The newest resource I have discovered is the free Discover Series eBook for kids called Birds.

Currently, the eBook is available for Kindles, but may other devices have a free Kindle app that you can download in order to get this free eBook. For example, I have an iPod Touch for myself and my oldest daughter. We can just download the Kindle app from the App Store and then get the eBook from Amazon.

This eBook on birds is best suited for children between the ages of 2 and 6. Each page consists of one picture of a bird, as well as the bird’s name in big letters. All of the pictures are real photographs of the birds, not cartoons. This gives the children a chance to take the book outdoors and try to identify the birds first hand.

Some of the birds you can expect to find in this eBook include toucans, hummingbirds, ibis, ducks, storks, chickens, and peacocks. Currently, the eBook is only available in English and comes in a file size of 904 KB.

My daughters are a bit to old for this particular eBook, but I can see how electronics are quickly captivating young children. Parents would be wise to use electronical devices to teach their kids while they are interested in them. I can also add that when my oldest was little, she did quite well with books that had only one item to each page, which is how this eBook is set-up.