Free Tums Freshers

Free Tums Freshers

Treat heartburn and get fresh breath at the same time.

Who doesn't get heartburn from time to time? While I don't get heartburn often, I prefer to keep a bottle of Tums in my medicine cabinet. I also use it with my daughter, who has had acid reflux since birth. I was excited to learn that Tums is offering a free sample of their new product—Tums Freshers. The sample is being provided by Target. It gets rid of heartburn while freshening your breath at the same time.

In order to get the free sample of Tums Freshers you'll need to head to Target's free sample page. Click on the image of the Tums Freshers product. Now you must answer three survey questions, pressing the “Next” button each time. Now fill out your full name and mailing address.

There are two boxes at the bottom that you can leave checked if you'd like to receive future emails from Tums and its partners. I unchecked the boxes before I clicked the red “Next” button. Finally, you have to confirm your details and answer a security question to make sure that you are not a robot. My questions was “What is 1 plus one?” Click the red “Submit” button and you're all done. It's that easy.


Target will let you know that the free sample will arrive in eight to ten weeks. If you're anything like me, you'll forget about the sample until it shows up in your mailbox. I can't wait to try it though, as I normally like the products Tums produces. The fresh breath addition makes the product perfect for taking on the go to restaurants and evenings out with friends.