Stop Paying for Lifetime Movies

Stop Paying for Lifetime Movies

The cost to have anything other than your basic cable channels is outrageous. I can only afford the smallest package available, but the more I do research online, the more I discover that I don’t really need anything more than that.

Netflix is cheap and has a ton of movies. It also saves me from having to purchase children’s DVDs. My daughter has access to an enormous amount of Barney, Dora, and Blues Clues videos. Unfortunately, there are limits to Netflix (like no Lifetime Movies).

Next, there is Hulu. I discovered that many shows are placed on Hulu the day after they air on television. This is convenient if you missed your favorite morning program or afternoon talk show. Once again, there are limits. Lifetime movies, for example, are only on the site for a short time. You may not see any more than 10 movies on the site at one time.

There is great news though. A website called My Lifetime has all the Lifetime movies you could ever want to watch. What’s even better is that the movies are all available to you for free. All you have to do is click on “Video” and then choose “Full Movies” from the drop-down menu.

How can you get this service completely for free? Easy, the site makes you watch advertisements. One of the movies I watched on the site started off with an ad, and then had six more interjected throughout the film. I must say that it didn’t bother me to much, as I just kept reminding myself that I didn’t have to pay extra for cable in order to see the movie.