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Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Reservations?

This year, we will be taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a joint birthday party since their birthdays are only a month apart.  Having never been there before, I have been carefully going over all the details to make sure we get the best deal and also have the most fun.  One thing I will not be doing is creating a birthday reservation online.  While it seems like you would save money by buying a birthday package, you are spending a lot of money on things that have little to do with ensuring a good time for everyone.

For example, how necessary is a Chuck E. Cheese balloon for having a good time?  While party favors may make things more fun, you are able to bring your own table decorations and I am certain they can be purchased for less than you would spend in the reservation.

In our local Chuck E. Cheese, the cost for a birthday reservation is $12.99 per child, which includes food, drinks and tokens, in addition to party favors and a hostess.  You can buy food, drinks and tokens with coupons that will get you the best savings, and when you figure out the cost compared to buying a birthday package, those party favors and balloons add up to quite a bit.

So if you are looking for fun without a huge price tag, sign up for coupons and go that route instead of spending a ton of money to reserve things your kids won’t need to have fun.