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Free Sample of Cranimals for Your Dog or Cat

Cranimals is a company that provides whole food supplements for both dogs and cats. Antioxidants are not only important for humans, but for your pets as well. Cranimals products contain a mix of cranberries, blueberries, and red raspberries. There are never any artificial colors or flavors used in these products, so you can be sure your pet is getting the very best.

Currently, Cranimals is offering a free whole food antioxidant supplement sample for dog and cat owners to try. They are hoping that you will fall in love with their products, and become a loyal customer for the foreseeable future. Since the product is so good for your pet, there is no reason not to give it a try for free. I have a cat named Anita, that I will be requesting a sample for.

Head to the Cranimals website and fill out the form to get your free sample. You’ll have to enter your name, phone number, and email address. Then select Sample Request from the drop down menu. You can then type in a message if there is anything you wish to talk with Cranimals about. Under the message section are two boxes that you can either leave checked, or uncheck them should you not wish to take advantage of any further offers.

Next, you will need to tell Cranimals whether you have a cat or dog, and which particular sample you want to try. Then enter your mailing address so that Cranimals knows where to send the free sample. Hit Submit and you’re all done. Wait about four to six weeks to receive your free sample in the mail.