Penny Stock Picks!

Penny Stock Picks!

I gave you a preview of penny stocks in my previous two articles in this blog. I was thinking instead of going on about the various nuances of these type of investments, why not head to the actual investing parts. I have some top penny stocks picked out here that aren’t going to cost you a pretty penny, if you don’t mind the pun. These are all stocks that are a just a few cents at most.

Atlantis Internet Group Corp. (PINK: ATIG) - Let’s start of this list with Atlantis Internet Group which is a Nevada gaming company that focuses on the development of casino games, slot machine software and gaming networks. The shares closed at $0.003 on January 5, 2012 with a volume of 10.87 million shares.


NX Global Inc. (OTC: NEGS) - Next we have NX Global which is a renewable energy company and its shares went up 160 percent to $0.0013 with a volume of 1.82 million shares.

Shamika 2 Gold Inc. (OTC: SHMX) – Want a share of a company that explores and acquires gold and mineral properties with proven and potential locations in Montana and Nevada, look no further than Shamika 2 Gold which is very affordable at a share price of just $0.0008.

Tirex Corp. (PINK: TXMC) – At just $0.0015 a share, you can get some stock in Tirex that is involved in a patented tire recycling system.

Bebida Beverage Company (PINK: BBDA) – Last Thursday, this company stated that it had come to an agreement with Redwood Management LLC to retire convertible debt that had been acquired by Redwood. A high volume of 44.24 million shares were traded at $0.0009 per share.

POWRtec International Corp. (OTC: POWT) – Last but definitely not least we have POWRtec which is one of the more impressive penny stocks out there with its shares going up almost 215.00% to $0.189 and a strong trading volume of 64.04 million as well. Technical analysts out there will be captivated with the 52-week range as well of $0.02 - $0.40. The company has great potential according to equity research reports and its ground-breaking sophisticated smart meters can take over smart meter industry.


From gold to beverages to energy, you now have a highly diversified portfolio of penny stocks! My advice to you is to absorb risk if you are younger and look to really make some money. Growth and income rather than capital preservation should be the key when it comes to trading penny stocks.