Price Checks in the Modern World

Price Checks in the Modern World

I love technology.  I love how much easier it makes life, from staying connected to friends to finding the best shopping deals no matter where you are.  One of the best money saving features I have found for common retail items is the barcode scanner on my Android phone.  The iPhone also has a barcode scanner, and when you combine this tool with apps like Amazon or the Coupons app, you can scan a barcode and instantly get pricing and item information about it.

This works really well for most common items that you could expect to find at sites like or in person at Walmart.  Once you scan the item, you can compare the price online with the price at your local store, and always know the best prices for an item.  Sometimes, it may be worth it to wait for an item to be shipped, but other times, your local store may have the best price.

Some store will honor online prices, too, so you can show your sales clerk the price from an online store and receive that same price in-store.  To me, that is the best solution because you can support a local business while also receiving the best price for an item.

You can also find out specs on items but scanning their barcodes.  This works well for electronics such as computers, because you can see exactly what they have for technical specifications.  I have used this before when the local store I’m shopping at doesn’t provide enough information on a product.

So if you have an iPhone or Android device, try the Barcode Scanner app and see just how much money it can save you.