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Staples Teacher Appreciation Day and penny deals

Staples has a lot of great deals for teachers and parents. If you pay attention to their summer sales, which start in July and last until school begins, you can get a ton of school supplies for super cheap. I often am able to stock up on enough supplies that I don't have to buy my daughter a thing throughout the entire school year.

First, Staples has a Teacher Appreciation Day. Anyone who is a teacher can sign up for a Teacher Rewards Card and participate in this event. This includes homeschooling mothers like myself. The form you need to complete to get a teacher card requires minimal information. You can ask for one right at the check-out counter.To find out the time for your local Staples' Teacher Appreciation Day, you'll have to select your state and city from the drop-down menu on the company's website. This took me about 30 seconds. Our Teacher Appreciation Day is August 18. You'll find a bunch of great deals, plus you'll get a few free gift bags as well.

Second, teachers are not the only ones to benefit from Staples many sales. Parents can benefit as well. Starting in July, Staples begins to offer a few items each week for $.01. The only catch is that you have to spend a total of $5 during your trip. This isn't hard, however, since many other items are also on sale at the same time for a cheap rate.

Of course, teachers can take advantage of the penny deals as well. Teachers are also allowed to pick-up a larger amount of the penny items to accommodate all of their students.