Create a Facebook Classifieds Group to Sell Household Items

Create a Facebook Classifieds Group to Sell Household Items

I’m really excited about a new way I found to make money.  Someone in our local town created a Facebook group for local classifieds, and by selling off extra things in our house, we made $500 last week.  $500!  Since our town is far away from the closest Craigslist city, selling on there is a little more difficult – no one wants to travel to us.  The Facebook classifieds group, however, is targeted just to people in our small town. 

There are about 1,500 people in our group, and the results have been amazing.  The other night, I listed 28 items, varying in price from $2 to $250, and sold half of them within a couple of hours.  If you set reasonable prices for your things, people will be eager to snatch up a good deal.

If there isn’t a local group for your area yet, create one!  Creating a group is easy, and if you share it with your friends, people will join in a snowball effect, as friends share with friends, and so on.

Classifieds like this don’t work very well for retail items, but you can expect to get better than yard sale prices on gently used items.  The things I have found that sell the best are clothes and electronics.  Our Xbox sold within an hour, and a crib I listed, even with cosmetic damage, sold within five minutes.

So if you are looking for a little extra cash, sell used items on a Facebook classifieds group.  No item is too small to list, just make sure you don’t spend more in gas than you take in.