Administer Your Own Pet Vaccinations?

Administer Your Own Pet Vaccinations?

"... save yourself a considerable amount of time and money on puppy vaccinations."

I took a dog to the vet last year for her puppy vaccinations.  The vet looked her over, gave her a shot and sent us on our way, five minutes and $26 later.  You may not know it, but puppy vaccinations come in three different rounds, so to give standard puppy vaccinations at our vet cost $78 – that’s a real pain in the wallet!  As it turns out, you can administer your own pet vaccinations for a fraction of the price, and it’s really not as hard as you might think.

Our local feed store carries the three-part puppy vaccination set for about $10, which includes the needles and syringes.  For us here locally, that’s a savings of $68, not to mention the time to travel back and forth – and wait forever – to the vet.

Administering a shot is not that hard.  Most of the time, the puppies don’t even react because the needle is so small they barely notice it.  You just grab the loose skin on their neck, give them a little prick, and off they go.  It really is that simple.

In this day and age, when every little bit of savings can help, it really is worth giving puppy vaccinations on your own.  Worrying about hurting them isn’t a very good excuse, because it’s either you or the vet, and it really doesn’t bother them that much anyway.

So if you’re looking for other ways to save, go to your local pet supply or feed store next time you get a puppy, and save yourself a considerable amount of time and money on puppy vaccinations.