November 2011

Shop Now for Summer Clothes

Though the weather is cold and everyone is starting to bundle up in many parts of the country, this is the very best time to start thinking about summer clothes.  In big department stores, you will find racks upon racks of summer clothes left over from last season.  These are usually discounted steeply, and you can get a whole lot more for your money than by shopping during peak season.

Use Swagbucks for Free Gift Cards or Paypal Cash

I’ve been doing Swagbucks for the past year, and I have cashed-out to receive numerous Amazon gift cards, as well as Paypal payments. Best of all, I never spent a penny to get them.

Signing up for Swagbucks is free. Once you have an account, you can begin earning Swagbucks in a number of ways. My favorite method is to use the Swagbucks search engine. About every five to six searches earns me a few Swagbucks. Since I do a lot of researching for articles I write, I can quickly earn enough Swagbucks to cash-out for a gift card.

Actions to Stop Wasteful Spending

"A lot of times you will realize that you really don’t need the items that you were hoping to get in the first place."

I am going to give you some real things to do in this post that will allow you to build up some cash and stop wasteful spending.



Do Not Buy the Latest Versions/Models

The Apple iPhone is definitely an appealing device and a lot of my friends have purchased it already. But I’ve decided that I am not going to shell out $400 plus tax to get it as I know it is not an asset. My rule of thumb is to wait a year before purchasing a model or version of a product.

Money for books:

"To get started with Cash4books, you just have to have the ISBN number from a book."

If you are looking to add a whole new dimension to your yard sale and thrift store adventures, take a look at  Cash4books gives you money for most newer books that are less than five years old.  They do not deal at all in antiques, but there is plenty of money to be made by finding and selling new books. 

Starting a Business With No Cash

I thought of writing about cheapin’ out on starting a business. I felt this would be better than telling you how to save on lattes, haircuts and the like. In this way, you can actually own something that gives you a steady income as well.

No cash, no problem! There are actually several ways to make some money and even own a business without actually spending any money to setup or keep the business running. The mindset of a young entrepreneur especially those still in their teens or early twenties is to look for different ways to make money every day and look at ways to improve the thing that is already earning revenue for you.  By the way, this applies to all ages. I don’t believe age to be a barrier for anything. Michael Jordan was 38 when he decided to put his sneakers back on and come back with the Washington Wizards.

Why Spend So Much Money on a Cell Phone Plan?

"PPC lets you use your existing phone, including our beloved Droids, and runs on the Verizon network, so the coverage is the same"

In the summer of 2010, we were still foolishly paying Verizon for our cell phone service.  We both have Droids (Android forever!!), so of course we had the data plans, and we like to text.  We don’t actually talk on the phone that often, so I think we had 700 minutes shared between two phones.  For unlimited data, unlimited texting and 700 minutes, we were generously giving Verizon $180 per month.  Then my husband was laid off from his job and we started to look at ways to cut costs.

BirthdayPak Offers Philadelphia Residents Free Gift Cards

"BirthdayPak gets in touch with local businesses to negotiate a deal for Philadelphia residents."

If you live in the city of Philadelphia, you are in luck. Unfortunately, I live an hour and a half south of Philly, but thought I’d pass along the good news. Philadelphia residents can take advantage of a free service provided by BirthdayPak mails out free gift cards to residents on their birthdays.

Money tips from a recent college graduate

When I was back in college, there was a financial awareness campaign called “Live Like A Student So You Don’t Have To Later”. The tips that I got from this reinforced a lot of the ideas that I had about living frugally. Free entertainment options that were shared on the campaign’s website like city lakes, park trails and bikeways were a great way to relax for free. It also introduced me to the Twin Cities Free Market website where I could get free stuff around the area. The thing that was really great for me psychologically was the fact that other people were doing this too and so I did not feel cheap when I followed these guidelines to save money. This is why I think this blog is such a great idea.

Save Time and Money with The Grocery Game

I often utilize one of my grocery store’s online service because the store is extremely crowded day and night. I pay a fee of $10 to have them shop for me. That may not make sense to some, but time equals money for me. I can either spend 2 hours at the grocery store, or 2 hours working. Since I make at least $50 in 2 hours, I actually gain $40 by not going grocery shopping. Not every has this option, however, and for them I recommend The Grocery Game.  

I Saved Over Five Hundred Dollars in the Past Year

$527.16 is the exact figure, and it is how much our family saved in one year by getting rid of satellite TV.  We didn’t even have a large plan – it was the basic plan with DVR add-on.  For those of you with bigger satellite TV packages, the savings would be tremendous.  Though it took some adjusting and certain of us (hubby) struggled more than others (me, the bookworm), we have found alternative TV options to be just as good at satisfying that need to zonk out in front of the tube, but at a much smaller cost.

5 Things You Shouldn't Buy at a Thrift Store

Thrift stores are an excellent way to buy necessary items without spending ridiculous retail prices.  Shopping at thrift stores is more than just saving money; it is a thrill to find unique items that are available nowhere else.  You can find antiques, unique collectibles and a host of other treasures while shopping at thrift stores.  However, some things really shouldn't be bought at a thrift store.

I don't really think much needs to be said about this.  Unless they are new and unopened, underwear are best purchased at a retail store.