December 2011

More Tips on Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are great because you could have $100 worth of stock and increase that value by an incredible number in a short span of time and I am talking about a few days even. Getting back to how to take advantage of these financial instruments to get a good return on your money, it is important to know again that they do not trade on the major exchanges.

How do you identify these penny stock brokerage houses? Simply by googling them. But, I would recommend the Sharebuilder program of ING, TDG Waterhouse and Scottrade just to give you some reputable names before you go looking. Speaking of Scottrade, I have been hearing that they are probably the best when it comes to discount brokerage and the $7 per trade commission that they charge is really unbeatable. Scottrade also offers a lot of free seminars on trading stocks at their location. So locate the nearest one and speak to the stockbroker about these great opportunities.

Books on Frugal Living

The frugal living movement has created an industry all of its own.  It seems silly to spend money in order to save it, but finding some good, solid guidebooks on how to live within your means and build a savings can really make a difference in a frugal person’s life.  The following books are highly-reviewed and packed with information even seasoned cheapskates can learn from.

Several Items You Don’t Really Need to Spend Money On

When I was just out of college, there were a lot of items I simply couldn’t afford to buy. I did fine without these items. Recently, I began to think of new ways I could save money. It occurred to me that there were items I lived without before, so why couldn’t I do that again. The following is a list of those particular items. Feel free to live on the cheap by no longer purchasing what you don’t really need.

Don't Buy Into Contracts with Changing Prices

A favorite marketing tactic of many telephone and television companies is to offer discounted prices for a set term before bumping them up, sometimes to substantially higher monthly fees.  While the savings at first may seem to be worth the extra expense later, most of the time if you do the math you will find that you don’t really save much money at all by buying into those types of contracts.

Penny Stocks

In the next set of articles I am going to focus on investing in penny stocks. I thought this article could serve as an introduction to a penny stock. First off, what is a penny stock? Common stock of small and often relatively new public companies that have a price of a dollar or less are referred to as penny stocks. Interestingly, penny stocks are not going to trade at a penny and they actually maybe priced as much as $5. But even then, they are a great way to start investing.

DIY: Turning Winter Clothing into Summer Clothing and Vice Versa

"So what do you do when summer ends and winter begins? The answer is simple. You just layer your clothing."

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 continue to change clothing sizes on a yearly basis. This means that winter clothes worn one year, won’t fit the next. If you have a younger children who will be entering that size, then by all means save the winter clothes. Unfortunately, everyone in my family had boys after my youngest daughter was born. I had to get a bit more creative if I was going to save money on her clothing.

Reusable Dryer Sheets

Commercial fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not only full of potentially harmful chemicals, but also big sources of pollution.  In addition, they often contain synthetic chemical fragrances that can cause reactions and leave chemical residues in our dryers.  If that’s not enough, they are also incredibly wasteful, and there is nothing I hate more than spending money on something that is supposed to go in the garbage.

Saving on those designer brands

"One thing that I do very often is to go to stores that mainly have some of these luxury brands at affordable prices."

If you look at my wardrobe, it is actually composed mostly of designer brands. However, I can bet you that I have spent less than the average Joe would have on his wardrobe. This is because I have been careful in the way I spend my money on clothes and always have a plan. I thought I could share some tips in this article.

“If you look good, you feel good.  If you feel good, you play good.  If you play good, they pay good.” - Deion Sanders. So basically this is why I go out and get those luxury brands. Like Deion Sanders, you should have a game plan but this one should be for when you go out to shop. Make sure that you go for items on sale. The other day I bought a very nice pair of brown shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue for $60 and that was almost 70 percent of the regular price. So aim to do a lot of shopping on days like Black Friday and you will come out ahead.

Don't Replace Your Toothbrush Every Three Months

Common advice is to replace your toothbrush every three months.  For the money conscious among us, that can seem a horrible waste – all that plastic thrown in the trash just because someone says to.  Unless you are a very vigorous brusher and your bristles are worn down, you can rejuvenate your toothbrush by cleaning it and get much more life from it.