April 2012

Visiting DC on a budget

I'm taking my two daughters to Washington DC this weekend, and we plan on keeping the cost of the trip as low as possible. In fact, I'm surprised at how cheap it will be for us to go. I thought I'd share my discoveries, so that others who may be thinking that a trip to DC isn't affordable will see that it actually is.

There isn't any way of getting out of paying for gas to get to Washington DC, but there are commuter parking lots available if you simply want to visit DC for a day. As for hotels, you have a choice. A few of my friends stay just outside of DC where the room rates are cheap. They make sure the hotel is near a subway station for easy access to the DC sites. I prefer to spend the money that would be spent on the subway on a hotel room within DC that is in walking distance to all of the attractions. I got an excellent rate by booking ahead and taking the no-refund rate. It's risky, but saved me over $200. The hotel also had an enormous free breakfast each morning and a microwave and refrigerator directly in the guest room. I'm bringing my own food.

Free Sample: TRESemme Split Remedy

TRESemme has a new product called TRESemme Split Remedy. Currently, TRESemme is offering a free sample of both the shampoo and conditioner that are in this line of products. According to their website, TRESemme Split Remedy repairs 80 percent of split ends on a daily basis. I have a ton of split ends, as my hair always seems to dry out so quickly. I was very excited to learn about this free sample and I can't wait for it to arrive.

I would encourage anyone that has had an issue with split ends in the past to give this product a try. You have nothing to lose after all, since the product is totally free to try. I know constant blow drying, curling, flat ironing, and styling can all lead to split ends. I blow dry my hair and use the flat iron frequently, so now that I think about it, maybe this is why my hair tends to be so dry.

Free Sample: Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel

Although I've never personally had a problem with chafing, I do have a friend that had this issue. The problem always seemed to arise with the use of a particular undergarment. Not only did the area become irritated and red, but it made wearing the garment almost unbearable. At the time, I didn't have very many helpful suggestions for her. She had tried petroleum jelly, but hated it because it was so greasy.

Currently, Lanacane is offering a free sample of their new anti-chafing gel. This gel won't wash off if it gets wet, and glides on nice and smooth. You won't have to worry about your skin rubbing against skin or clothing anymore. In addition, the formula won't stain your clothes like petroleum jelly would.

Free Kimtech Touchscreen Wipes

Since my iPod Touch requires me to press different areas of the screen, it isn't long before it is covered in fingerprints. No matter how many times you wash your hands, the oil still makes its way onto the screen of the media device you are using.

Fortunately, Kimtech has created a new product that will make it easy for you to clean the screen of your iPod. These touchscreen cleaning wipes also work on eBook readers, cell phone screens and laptops. What's even better is that these touchscreen cleaning wipes come in individual packets that you can easily place in your wallet or purse. That means you don't have to wait until you get home to keep your media devices clean.

Free Tums Freshers

It really pays to sign-up for store rewards cards. I often find myself grabbing something for free, or almost for free. Today, I discovered I could get a free sample of Tums' new product-Tums Freshers. In order to get this free sample, you must have a wellness+ card from Rite Aid.

Tums Freshers were created to do two things. First, they attack heartburn so that you can feel better quickly. Next, they freshen your breath. I think this idea is genius because the foods that often give me heartburn are in restaurants. Having something that I can quickly pop in my mouth after eating out is not only convenient, but it saves me from having to chew a piece of gum to keep my breath fresh until I get back home. I can’t wait to give this product a try.