May 2012

Free old fashioned living recipes and crafts

I just discovered a website that provides a ton of free recipes and craft projects. The concept is that getting back to old fashioned living is much cheaper and a great way to save money. Of course, creating food from scratch is more healthy and making homemade crafts often allows you to recycle items, which is good for the environment.

Once on the website, you can click on the Old Fashioned Recipes link to discover literally hundreds (if not thousands) of delicious dishes. I'm excited to try the apple sandwich recipe. I never would have thought of creating it. The breakfast pizza recipe sounds like one my kids would go crazy for. I could easily spend hours reviewing the free recipes on this site.

How to choose friends wisely

Cheapin’ out on friends!

I guess people change over time and I’ve had my fair share of ‘best’ friends come and go. There are people who still maintain close contact with their first friends and still count them as their best friends. This is indeed special, but I haven’t actually had that privilege because I will say so myself that I have changed considerably.

It depends on your personality and what you like to do and your interests, but choosing friends wisely can go a long way in helping you reach your financial goals and to cut back on unnecessary spending. When I look back, I sometimes regret the money that I spent on dining out and big parties with people who are not even in my life anymore.

The Internet has now really made it easy for people to connect with each other from across the globe and a person can vicariously learn about other individuals and get a sense of what they want out of their lives. This is all really good for cheapin’ out.

Free Father's Day Card

Treat is an online card company that is currently offering new customers a chance to select a card for Father's Day totally for free. The only cost to you is the postage stamp, which you would have to pay for anyway if you bought your card in a store.

Once you head to Treat's Father's Day special page, you'll see 48 cards per page. There are countless pages resulting in hundreds of Father's Day cards. It is impossible not to find a card you like. I spent some time searching the site and eventually found the perfect card for my dad.

Free Milk-Bone Trail Mix

If you are a proud dog owner, you are going to love this freebie! Milk-Bone is giving away free samples of its new trail mix. There is no catch, and the free trail mix for dogs is available for the asking from Walmart.

Here is how you get the free sample. You must head to the free sample page on Walmart's website. From there, you will need to click on the ad for Milk-Bone's new trail mix. This will bring up a form that you will need to fill out. The form is simple and just requests your full name, mailing address (so they know where to send the sample), e-mail address and your date of birth.

After that, there is a short three-question survey about your current experience with dog treats. Finally, you'll need to check the box that says 'yes,' if you are willing to review the product after you try it, or 'no' if you are not willing to review the product. This will not affect your ability to get the free sample. Click “Send My Sample” when you are all done.

Cheapin’ out on an elite education

Now you can!


I love Steve Perry and Perry's Principles!

Oh how I envy these kids these days. I had already told my parents how wonderful it would have been if I had been born some 2000 to 5000 years from now. Unlike my parents and generations past, I never long for the ‘good ol days’ as I am totally digging the age of YouTube and Wikipedia and websites where whole books can be found for free.

Harvard & MIT offer free online classes

Free Lactaid Sample

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you'll want to get a packet of Lactaid. My younger sister suffered with lactose, which meant she got terrible stomach cramps every time she drank milk, ate cheese or consumed ice cream. Back in those days, my father had to purchase special lactose-free milk. Unfortunately, when you go out to eat, lactose-free products are not available. That's where Lactaid comes in.

Lactaid is a dietary supplement that works to break down the lactose in dairy foods. This means that you can still consume your favorite dairy products. You'll just need to take a serving size of the Lactaid with your first bite of food. No need to remember a half an hour before your meal, which can be hard to do if you are in-route to your favorite restaurant.

The Difference between Needs and Wants

Everything has to do with the mind. It is all mental!

If you watched the Suze Orman Show, she stresses the importance between knowing the difference between needs and wants. I am not going to give you an explanation of the difference between needs and wants here. I’ll leave that for you to Google.

What I am going to do here is to try and see how the mindset can really help you to see how you really don’t need that thing that you have always wanted. I know the whole idea of going without can be a bit depressing and I have never been an advocate of going without. But there are definitely some things that you really don’t need and others that you must spend like a great college education and a house in a nice part of town.

The psychology behind needs and wants is to actually live without something for a while. It is that saying that when you keep using something or having something in your life it becomes a luxury. The best way to decide what is really important is to actually try to live like someone poorer than you for may be a week or two. This way you will realize that a lot of things that you want to spend on are just wants that are not really necessary.

Another way to look at this whole thing is to actually look to interact with different types of people and experience different things. We often get caught up by hanging around with the same set of friends that we lose out on meeting other people that can make us look at things with a totally different perspective.

Happy Hour at Starbucks

Do you love Starbucks coffee? My daughter is a huge fan of their Caramel Frappuccino . Of course, they have many other delicious flavors to choose from. I myself happen to be a Plain Jane when it comes to coffee. Just give me cream and sugar and I'm good to go.

No matter how you like your coffee, Starbucks aims to please. This week you take the time to taste as many Frappuccino flavors as you wish during their happy hour promotion. Up until Sunday, May 13, 2012, Starbucks will be reducing the price of their Frappuccinos by a whopping fifty percent! In order to take advantage of this amazing deal, you'll need to come to the store between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m.